Essay On The Causes Of Ww1

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World War One changed the entire world. People fought hard for their country and so many men died while doing so. It is important to remember why they did so, as history often repeats itself. While many people today claim that WWI was inevitable, three important causes of this war can definitely be pointed out. Those causes are militarism, nationalism, and the murder of Archduke Francis Ferdinand. Militarism is the belief of a government or people that a country should have a strong military and be prepared to use it to defend or promote national interests. This was rampant in the years leading up to and during WWI. Many schools in Europe during that time drilled the ideas of militarism into their young boys' heads, so that by the time they graduated, all they wanted to do was go to war and fight for their country. The people were riled up and excited about fighting. War was viewed very differently in those days than it is today; it was a good thing to them, and exciting thing. This is why it was an important cause of WWI. Nationalism, which is being proud of...
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