Essay On The Causes Of The Civil War

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The Civil War and Its Causes According to an article from, there were so many deaths in the Civil War that the number of dead was not equivalent to the combined toll of all other American conflicts until the War in Vietnam. (Civil War Casualties THE COST OF WAR: KILLED, WOUNDED, CAPTURED, AND MISSING.") The fact that so many individuals died in this shows that this was an important war that was filled with controversy, but what was the controversy? This was a Civil War which means that it was fought between friends as well as family. What could have caused such a bloody battle to take place, even between those who were once so close? The biggest cause of the civil war was the difference in the South and North’s ways of living such as their various economies, slavery, and difference in cultures. The difference in economies between the North and the South was a big part of what led to the Civil War. The North used industrialism to make money while the South used agriculture. This difference alone caused many issues. According to the article “The South 's Economy,” “An overemphasis on slave-based agriculture led Southerners to neglect industry and transportation improvements. As a result, manufacturing and transportation lagged far behind in comparison to the North. In 1860 the North had approximately 1.3 million industrial workers, whereas the South had 110,000, and northern factories manufactured nine-tenths of the industrial goods produced in the United States.” The article also states, “Southern cities were small because they failed to…show more content…
In all, it just boils down to the South and North being different though. Their differences were just something they couldn’t get past. In the future, people need to learn to accept the differences between themselves and other people before the human race loses all of the humanity that it has

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