Essay On The Boston Tea Party

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The Boston Tea Party led to the creation of the US and the revolutionary war. Before any taxes were put on tea, the colonists had to deal with the Quartering and Sugar Act. They didn’t like it since it included the British invading their homes and belongings. They were taxed on multiple things. The colonists decided it would be a good idea to just boycott British goods. It worked and both acts were taken away although this angered Parliament and they ended up getting another act.
Parliament needed to start taxing American colonists throughout the Seven Year Wars. They couldn’t raise taxes in the British population because their taxes were already too high. Their next option was to tax American colonists. American colonists were taxed on coffee, sugar, glass, paper, wine, and printed materials. Previous from the tax, tea from the colonies would be smuggled in from the Dutch since it had to be sent to England first.
There were no elected members from the colonists in Parliament which denies them the power to impose taxes on them. The British East India Company already owed the British Crown £1 million and didn’t have enough time to collect all the money. They had to come up with something quick because 21 million pounds of tea is just stored in a warehouse in China. The company came up with a plan and asked permission from the government to export the tea directly from their Chinese warehouses to the American colonies instead of shipping it through Britain. The government agreed to the company’s request and passed the Tea Act of 1773. £1/80 per pound was the duty that was put on directly imported tea.
In reality, this tea act would actually save colonists’ money and still help Parliament gain the money they needed. Instead of pay...

... middle of paper ... Acts. The act became effective on June 1, 1774.
The Boston Tea Party gave ideas to others and afterwards people boarded on the ships in Annapolis and New York to prevent any tea to land. Colonists all over the coast of North America continued to boycott any tea from the East India Company. Unfortunately their actions did lead to consequences from British Parliament. After Parliament closed the ports, all the colonists felt bad and started to support the Bostonians. The colonists called for a Continental Congress from the Committees of Correspondence. They wanted to set up a timetable for no consumption, exportation, or importation of British goods to protest.
Colonists began to get ready for war while the British troops occupied Boston once again. April 19, 1775 the battle between the American colonists and red coats began at Lexington Green and Concord Bridge.
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