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In English, Hebrew, and Greek languages the book that bears the name of Joshua does not come from the writer. It is not known who the actual writer of the book of Joshua is. However the title has a meaning of Yahweh saves. Joshua is a Hebrew name, but in Aramaic it translates into the name of Jesus. Joshua represented God 's people and brought them to the realization of God 's purposes and plans for them. The entire books theme is about recording God 's deliverance of His people the Israelites. The book of Joshua is a historical book and in the Hebrew Bible, it is in the Prophets of the Old Testament.

Joshua is not only a record of history but it is intended to reveal God 's will and plan. In the Old Testament, of the Prophets section God
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Joshua is to be an inspiration and admired but not imitated. We can be in the character of Jesus Christ, but He will come and show us how to live with God in a world filled with sin. One of the main points in the book of Joshua is that God was not making a home for His people; He was getting them ready to be with Him. As we read through the book of Joshua, there are things that are focused on and there are many not discussed or left out. The examples would be the sins of Achan, and circumcision, are highlighted but the details of the great battles are left…show more content…
Although it is written as a history to understand how God works in the lives of His people. Joshua links the people with the Promised Land. However Joshua is really showing us how the Israelites became the people of God. They needed to also understand His law and to become obedient to it in the land of God. They needed to trust Him and to know that God was their new master and to trust Him. This was the reason that many different events were highlighted in the book.

The events that God was using to instruct Israel and what was learned impacted future generations. It was important that they learned everything correctly as did Achan. If they did not understand and learn the right way, it would create more harm for the future. This was a foundational plan for God and the people of Israel.

Faith is what Joshua wanted the people to know, that it is needed to live by.
They could not see God. All that they saw was the wall and the enemy. In their mind it made going into battle an impossible challenge. The unexplainable presence of God that was with them in the wilderness and the food that was provided had disappeared. His signs and presence where still evident but they were to live by

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