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INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT : Discovery Project (individual essay) (Attach this cover page to your assignment) Student Details: Family Name (Surname): Chow Given Name: Boris Ting Fung Student Number: 53569816 Your CityU email adrdress: Course Details: Course Name: Management Course Code: CB2300 Tutorial Number: T01 Tutor's Name: Dr. Toni Maria TONG Assignment Details: Shopping Mall: Tai Po Mega Mall Company chosen: The Body Shop Number of Words: 1693 Due Date: 23 March 2014 Date Submitted: 23 March 2014 PLEASE NOTE: All assignments are the responsibility of the student. Ensure you keep a copy of your assignment before submitting. You have to submit the cover sheet TOGETHER with you work in one single file. PLAGIARISM DECLARAION By submitting this work, I hereby, acknowledge: Introduction The Body Shop aims to sell products based on ethical values since it was found in 1976. Renowned for Corporate Social Responsibility and anti-animal testing campaigns. In this report, it will be showing analysis of strategies, strengths, weaknesses and also what it possess in the industry. •How does the shop draw customers (or fail to draw customers)? What are its main resources and capabilities (e.g., location in the mall, customer service, product/service offering, décor of the shop, etc.) that you think attract customers (or turn away customers)? One of the most obvious way The Body Shop uses to draw customers is by appealing the sense of its customers. It has been very successful for The Body Shop to use pleasing scent to attract customers outside the store. Along with the pleasant smell buyers are enjoying a more favourable shoppi... ... middle of paper ... ... retailers who take social and environmental issues seriously. Furthermore, the website claims that while 64% of our loyal shoppers are prepared to pay more for an ethical product, the comparable figure is only 45% for our less regular customers. Only 44% of our regular customers are prepared to change the way they shop for that reason alone. Which means the distinctive products and value has no doubt attracting customers, yet, the majority of the customers are willing to pay a premium. In conclusion, the above strategy has definitely been effective. It has achieved its goals of selling products which are natural based and raising the awareness of social responsibility and environmental issues. ______________________________________________________________________ [3], Alexa Manzi, 2011

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