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The Berlin Wall served as a symbol of the Cold War and communism throughout the World. The Berlin Wall meant a lot to the people at its time and also serves as an example for future generations. The history of the wall spans years and years and can teach the world a lot. Also the change that people went through could resemble current day events.
The Berlin Was created for a very important reason. After World War II the Allied powers divided conquered Germany into four zones, occupied by the United States, Great Britain, France, or the Soviet Union. The capital city of Berlin was also divided into four zones. As the relationship between the Soviet Union and the other three Allied powers quickly fell apart, the cooperative atmosphere of the occupation of Germany turned competitive and aggressive. Although the goal of the Allies was to unify Germany, the change in relationship of the Allies with the Soviet Union turned Germany into West against East, or democracy against Communism. The West was influenced by the United States, Great Britain, and France and was democratic. The East, which was controlled by the Soviet Union, was under Communist regime.
On June 16, 1953 East Berlin construction workers started the Uprising of 1953 in East Germany, by going on strike. It turned into a widespread uprising against the German Democratic Republic who were communists. The workers first protested on June 16 by not working and marching down Stalinalle Avenue. This road is now called Karl-Marx-Alle, this is important because he had helped write the “Communist Manifesto”. Word got out about the uprising on a West Berlin based radio station. Soon more than one million people in 700 locations joined the uprising on June 16.
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...y years to build the economy back up, but when the wall finally came down and friends and families were reunited and everyone’s tears that were shed were out of joy.
The wall symbolized everything that was wrong with Communism or any form of government in which the people have no voice. The communist government attempted to control the lives of the citizens of East Germany. They outlawed religion, divided families, and created a world so horrible that it was necessary to build a wall to keep people from leaving their land. The government enslaved the citizens of East Germany. The fall of the Berlin Wall was a victory for the West, for Democracy, and most especially all of the citizens in East Germany. There are still countries in the world where the government rules over its people. For these these citizens, the destruction of the Berlin Wall is a symbol of hope.
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