Essay On The Battle Of Midway

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The battle of Midway on June 3rd-6th of 1942 was one of the decisive naval battles of history. The engagement was entirely decided by air power with no surface gun action. At Midway, the Japanese repeated the pattern at Coral Sea one month before. Approaching in widely separated groups, seeking to draw out the American forces, the Japanese commands accelerated into the Solomon’s and New Guinea. This was to capture Midway and the Aleutians. Many of the objectives have been set forth in previous plans. If the Japanese could capture Midway, they could turn their sights to Pearl Harbor. The US had broken the radio code of the Japanese, learning that the enemy would attempt to strike at midway. Search planes were sent out to find the Japanese forces that steamed towards Midway. They hit the jackpot and found out that the Japanese were heading towards the islands with cruisers and more than four-hundred planes. The US force was barely one-fourth the size. It was David versus Goliath, but David had broken Goliaths’ code and surprise was on the side of the Americans. The Japanese fleet fai...
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