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World War II brought up many new technologies for warfare. Advanced on existing developments such as weaponry, ships, vehicles air crafts, navigational devices and medicine are just a few broad examples of developments in warfare during this time in United States and World history. One development, however, changed the entire way of warfare. The Atomic bomb was developed during this time out of fears that the Germans had the same technologies, or at least were working to obtain it. Once the United States had this technological capability of producing atomic weapons, the way of fighting was changed. Two bombs were dropped on Japan in August of 1945, one on the city of Hiroshima and the other on the city of Nagasaki. Afterward, the ear of atomic diplomacy came up in American international relations, which as we have seen today, has led to the development of even stronger, more deadly weaponry and bombs. The bombing of Japan also brings up the still prevalent debate of whether the bombings were justifiable or not. Historians Gar Alperovitz, Robert P. Newman and Barton Bernstein all have written essays expressing their opinions in the matter. Gar Alperovitz writes an essay completely against the bombing in Japan, feeling that it was, as said in his essay tile, neither necessary nor justifiable. Lives were ultimately not saved like it has been the belief for years and there were many options not considered or over looked just because the government wanted a quick end to the war, important considerations like the state of Japan and the fact that they were on the verge of surrender. Robert Newman, in his essay, feels the exact opposite. Newman believed that the bombings were perfectly justifiable, considering the deaths caused by Jap... ... middle of paper ... ... Japanese hands. It is also believed that American lives were subsequently saved. However, there is evidence other wise. It is very true that the bombings were not racist, after all, the bombs, if developed sooner would have very likely been used on Germany if needed be. But even with this in mind, it is very cure in in humane along with an out of perportion action taking to an issue that could have very well solved itself withing in the matter of days. Were American lives saved, yes. Were the “bad Japs” defeated and stopped, yes. But it is neglected that alog with the emperial army, an equal amout ofd innocent civilians were killed, some instantly, and some from bunr wounds and contact with nuclea gasses, a fate that plagued Japan for years to come. Other opeiton of warfae could have been considered and live, not just americans, could have been spared as a result.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that world war ii brought up many new technologies for warfare. the atomic bomb was developed out of fears that the germans had the same technologies.
  • Analyzes how gar alperovitz, robert newman, and barton bernstein argue that the bombing in japan was unjustifiable.
  • Analyzes how gar alperovitz and bernstein's essay "dropping the atomic bomb was neither necessary or justifiable" could have been utilized in the conquering of japan
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