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10. Factors In The Arab Springs Chicago Source: Arahala , Nardic, Spring 2012, Understanding the ‘Arab Spring’: Justice, Dignity, Religion and International Politics, Afro Eurasian Studies, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Spring 2012, 8-52 The Arab spring has been an event that is hotly disputed among the political science community. There is not any consensus on the general causes of the springs. In this article the author denies that there is one miracle factor that caused the Arab Springs. In actuality there are four major factors that the Author labeled out that lead to the uprisings that occurred throughout the Arab Nation. These factors are the Arab military, the cities, the youth and social media.( Arahala, 8,2012) Firstly, the military in the Arab countries was acting in a way that angered the general population. ( Arahala, 25,2012)This is because the military in the countries affected were attacking their own people. Those who protested against the government were often injured or killed due to governmental intervention. ( Arahala, 25,2012)If a person spoke out against the current governmental force the military was quick to step in and harm the person protesting. This caused the general population to feel animosity towards the established government. ( Arahala, 25,2012) In the text the youth movement and the cities were linked together. ( Arahala, 22,2012) This is because the cities were the places in which the youth gathered in order to protest against the established government. The highly educated youth were the majority of the protestors that rebelled against the established government. ( Arahala, 22,2012) Many of the youth that rebelled were highly educated and were unable to obtain a job after college. ( Arahala, 22,20... ... middle of paper ... ...that represent an extremely radical version of Islam. (NPR Staff, 2011) This is in large part due to the fact that many Muslims believe that a Islamic government is necessary. (NPR Staff, 2011). However, this conservative Islamic government angers both liberals and westerners alike. Liberalist Muslims, believe that these governmental structures are not evolving, but reinstating many of the laws that plagued the previous leadership. Laws that deny Woman’s rights is popular among Arab spring countries. (NPR Staff, 2011). Westerns are also aggravated because many sought to create a more liberalized leadership in Arab Springs countries after the Arab Springs uprisings. Through the institution of Islamic government, the west feels that these governments that are inserted do not reflect a more liberal but a conservative interpretation of Islamic code. (NPR Staff, 2011)

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