Essay On Tenant And Tenant

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Rights and Duties of landlords and tenants Tenants and property owners both have rights and duties in the course of a tenancy agreement. Both need to understand clearly the renting rules to avoid problems (Brown et al 234). Customarily, when an individual pays rent to live in a house, apartment, apartment block or mobile home, the renter becomes a tenant governed the law of that particular state they are in. Irrespective of how the payment is made either weekly, monthly or at other regular intervals. In addition, regardless of whether the apartment, house, mobile home or condominium is rented from a private person, a corporation or most governmental units. These details are factual even when there is unwritten “lease” contract. One’s main legal…show more content…
According to the law of housing, the landlord is at liberty to charge a market rental price meaning that it should be unrestrained tenancy. Larry as the property owner should agree to the terms of the tenancy. For instance, he should respond to any complaint raised by the tenant whatsoever. He has the right to claim and receive rent when it is due. The landlord has the right as well to be informed about any necessary repairs of his property. He has also has the right to be given proper notice to vacate by the tenant (Brown et al 233). On the other hand, a tenant has basic rights to a rent book. Roger as the tenant is at liberty to give a proper notice to vacate the premise. He also has the right to be free from harassment and unlawful ejection. He as well has the right to due legal process and the right to claim the house benefits such as house rent deposits. In addition, Roger has the right a tenancy statement, the right to default repairs as well as the right to a default tenancy term. Decide whether the landlord and / or the tenant had a legal duty to mitigate
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