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In society today it is important for parents to talk to their children early on in adolescents about not only their sexuality but sexuality in general. Sexuality is different for everyone and every culture and can span from physical changes within the body discussing sexual orientation and managing sexual urges. Parents have often found it difficult and unnerving to speak to their children about sexuality but those times have changed. Now parents are doing more research and studies show that with all the given resources about sexual education, the influence parents have on their child 's sexual decisions has been increasing. Children usually listen to their friends in these types of situations, but parents are beginning to step out of their comfort zones and discussing sexuality early on which has contributed to less teen pregnancies and std 's. A familiar method a lot of parents have used to explain sex is with analogy of, "the birds and the bees." To further explain the bees carry and pollinate the flowers which similar to how a man would fertilize a womens egg. The Bird is an example of how birds can lay eggs and it 's similar to how a women ovulates and becomes pregnant. (WIKIPEDIA) Although for…show more content…
Teenagers feel more comfortable talking about their sexual orientation with friends for the acceptance and their support. Many teens who prefer same sex relationships tend to be more experienced in the aspects of sexual activity. Still today in this modern day society people struggle to disclose their sexual orientation if not heteorosexual. The stress and shame that comes from feeling different can make growing up even harder. Teenagers tend to have friends with the same moral values and personality traits. Therefore if a young girls ' friends are sexually experienced it doesn 't take much longer for all the young girls to have shared that same experience. (Crocker,

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