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Teenager sexuality refers to sexual feelings, behavior and development in adolescence. It is a stage of human sexuality which is often a vital aspect of teenagers’ lives. Some people believe that sex is essential in every teenage life while other think that it is far better to avoid it till marriage. Studies show that teens are becoming sexually active at younger ages than ever before. This development raises moral, social and health issues as well as considerable controversy. Why this sudden transformation on sexual behavior has happened? What are the major problems and consequences that derive from teenagers’ sexual behavior? Is there a way we could assist to aware this teens about this issue?
There are many influences for the increase of teenager sexual activity. We will be talking about tree important reasons; puberty, media effect, curiosity and experience.
The first justification for this phenomenal is puberty, which is today beginning much earlier than before. A statistic report indicates that in 2007 the average of female attains puberty at around 12.6 years of age, in opposition to an average of 16.5 in 1840. Therefore, there is a big difference of a girl’s behavior in 1840 than a girl’s behavior in 2007. Thus, Female teenagers are becoming more mature and are interfering adult’s world at a very young age, which will put them more at risk of having sex. This is applied for boys as well, as they enter the phase of puberty; their hormones drive them to a need for a sexual relationship in order to satisfy them.
Some teenagers believe that having sex is something natural and usual. It is proven by the growing concern about young people's exposure to sexual content through different product of media. Well, media is obviously ...

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...ot the case in some other parts of the world., teenage pregnancy in developing countries are a result of a marriage and they are supported by their family and not criticized by the society such as in the eastern societies mostly.
Supporters have found solutions in order to warn teenagers about their sexual relations such as sex education: an education on issues involving human sexuality. Most observers agree that sex education programs can help delay the beginning of sexual activity and prevent teenage pregnancy. However, there is huge divergence about what type of sex education is best for adolescents. Supporters believe that giving teens facts about contraception will only make them more likely to have sexual interaction. They also mention that abstinence is the only definite method of preventing pregnancy and STDs and believe that a program that strongly promotes
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