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Technology transfer process is not just limited with purchase and sale. It consists of multifaced stages. Technology transfer process is a process that consists of researching technological developments in the world, choosing an appropriate technology for a business, planning transfer methods and monitoring the technology and improvement.(Austin 1990).
Technology transfer operation has three main steps which are pre-installation, installation and post commisioning. (Small and Yasin, 2003).
Pre-installation step recognizes technological requirements, identifies a proper technology for a particular business with spadework analysis, plans the usage of that chosed technology and evaluates how technology suppliers can meet these. In order not to get poor results in technology transfer process, businesses should pay attention to the first pre-installation step. (Udo and Ehie, 1996) (Primrose, 1991).
The second, installation step covers adaptation of the new technology in to the business which includes integration of new technology, adaptation with businesses’ own requirements, making neccessary adjustments and other modifications.
The third step named post-commissioning step deals with the impacts and affects of the new technology which contains evaluating existing conditions and measuring the performances of the firms. (Udo and Ehie, 1996) (Primrose, 1991).
According to the researches, the summary of the technology technology transfer process has been constituted and illustrated in Figure 9. The milestones are remarked clearly. The first stage of the TOT is that analyzing the needs and calculate the priorities accorrdingly. As for the decision point to execute or not execute the process, project strives from a fitler and then ...

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...iginal Equipment Manufacturing) firms which operate for the developed countries and for the international control. (Tubitak,2002)

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