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Technology has had an immense impact on society. It has drastically changed the lifestyle of all humans over the past twelve thousand years, humans have gone from hunter-gatherers to walking on the moon. Technology has connected humanity and shrunk the world. Several Innovations throughout the years have revolutionized the way humans live and as a consequence of these changes humans have been brought much closer and connected. The most notable Innovations that brought the world closer were the rise of agriculture, The perfection of the steam engine, and the creation of the transistor. These technological breakthroughs changed the way society lived for many years, and were key factors in connecting society the way it is today.
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With the rise of the agricultural age individuals were allowed to increasingly depend on the skills and abilities of other individuals for survival, this meant that they could become proficient in a certain area. Individuals could work on creating better tools, breeding crops that would produce more or better livestock, one could argue that these individuals were one of the first engineers, as they used their knowledge for the betterment and survival of their society. As farming grew more efficient what is called civilization began, this gave humans a predictable food source and allowed humans to hoard food on a large scale for the first time. This food stock required protection which led to communities living in close proximity and constructing defense systems. Agriculture brought on the formation of communities, where individuals could become proficient in an occupation, and the work of one induvial would be for the benefit of another member of the community. The farmers would tend the livestock and grow crops, in order to provide the community with food, the craftsman would create better tools for farmers to make agriculture more efficient, and the worriers would…show more content…
Before the Industrial Revolution most of the population would work in farming, but this allowed people to go to cities and work in factories. A ground breaking innovation that led to humans being more interconnected was the perfection of the steam engine. Earlier the steam engine was not widely used, as it was not very efficient and cost a lot to produce. James Watt was the man who perfected the steam engine, it was originally used to pump water from deep workings. Factories had to be located near water as the original steam engine required this as part of its design, James Watt changed that allowing the steam engine to function without being near a source of water. This allowed factories to placed anywhere, meaning that many jobs would open up, leading to the majority of people working in factories instead of farming. These new factory jobs caused a mass migration ushering in the Urban Age. A city that saw an explosion in population was Manchester, England. Serval factories were constructed due to the redesigned steam engine. The population of Manchester grew from twenty thousand to one hundred and sixty thousand in just one century. In today’s standards that is small, but for the time that was an enormous grow in population, meaning that a large number of people would be
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