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Skyler Melton
English 104
Ashley Mack-Jackson
Tattoos: Advocating Superficial Judgment
What is the image that comes into mind when someone says doctor? What about nurse? Maybe even lawyer, president, or accountant. With that image in your head, what would you think when you hear mechanic, construction worker, or a factory worker? Now, imagine going into a doctor’s office. You are sitting there patiently waiting, and all of a sudden the man that walks through the door looks nothing like the doctor you just pictured in your head. Let’s say for instance that the doctor that is taking care of you comes in to the room and he has a full sleeve tattoo. Would this change your opinion of your doctor? Would you feel like you would not be cared for properly just because the doctor had a visible tattoo? It has been shown that having a visible tattoo can drastically reduce your chances of getting a job that requires a “professional” appearance, but what is the actual definition of a professional appearance? Because the history of tattooing has had such a negative connotation in society, there is a specific stigma associated with tattooed individuals. This paper will research the effects of having a visible tattoo in the workplace, the reasons that people are being turned away for having a tattoo, and why employers are still so conservative when it comes to a practice that has been around for ages.
The concept of tattooing has been recorded to date back many centuries and was practiced throughout dozens of civilizations throughout the world. The most noticeable record of tattoos is dated in the mid to late-1700’s by Captain James Cook. Through his travels, Cook and his crew acquired tattoos, and when they returned to England, the...

... middle of paper ... others to experience as well. Once the manager doing the interview had noticed the tattoo, her opinion instantly seemed to change. She stated “if you are going to work for this company, the ink will have to be covered at all times, no exceptions!” This was a drastic change from the conversation that we were previously having. As I ended up getting the job, special measures were taken to make sure that I would not lose this job because of my tattoo. I had to get a shirt that was much too large for me in order to make sure the sleeves were long enough to cover up all of the ink. Sometimes I would even have to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath the work shirt, just to be safe. I was told from the beginning that if the tattoo was ever visible while on the clock, I would be let go immediately and be listed as not re-hirable for any future job with the company.

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