Essay On System Analyst

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Q1. a) What does a system Analyst do? What Skills are required to be a good system analyst? Ans. A systems analyst researches the problems and plans solutions for these problems. He also recommends systems and software at the functional level and also coordinates the development in order to meet the business or other requirements. For good system analyst skills required are 1. The ability to learn quickly. 2. Logical approach to problem solving. 3. Knowledge of Visual Basics, C++ and Java. b) Define Information System. What are the different types of Information Systems? Ans. It is defined as the study of various software and hardware networks that are used by people and organizations to collect the data filter it, process it, create the data and then distribute it. There are five types of Information System- 1. Office Information Systems 2. Transaction Processing Systems 3. Management Information Systems 4. Decision Support Systems 5. Expert Systems Q2. What is meant by PIECES framework and how do we introduce it for identifying and classifying problems, opportunities and directives? Ans. PIECES framework is a checklist use of the existing systems. It was developed by James Wetherbe. In this P stands for performance, I for Information, E for Economics, c stands for Control, E for Efficiency and S stands for Service. It can be introduced by the system analyst who is familier with all the kind of requirements and its solutions. Q3. Define 1. System Analysis – It is defined as the study of the sets of interacting entities that also include computer system analysis. It is related to operations research. 2. Prototyping- It is defined as the process of making a model of the system. It is a part of an analysis phase of ... ... middle of paper ... ... of independent units or standardized parts which can be used to construct a very complex structure like an item of building or furniture. Q9. What is system implementation? What two phases are involved in this process? Ans. It refers to the system development life cycle fourth phase in which the programming of information system is done and then it is tested, installed and supported. During this life cycle the reporting requirements are mentioned and then reports are produced. The phases involved in the process are planning, analysis, design and implementation. Q10. What is system support? Ans. It is defined as the network of the people who provide an individual with a practical as well as emotional support. It can also be related to the network of facilities and the people who interact and also remain in an informal communication for some mutual assistance.
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