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Swot Analysis is one of the tools used in business to achieve a success. The main formula for success is to define visions and wants. Swot Analysis is a planning and analysis tool (Koch 2000). It evaluates many factors that will affect the achievement of projects or business ventures. The Swot Analysis Model was created by management consultant- Albert Humphrey. This module can be used by many projects: individual, through business or organisation. One of many values of this tool is to focus and identify all the factors which can influence process to achievement vision of the goal. Humphrey includes four main factors of this model: internal, external, positive and negative. The Model represents strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. At the top there are forces which are internal for the organisation or unique for the individual. At the bottom there are external forces, which can affect the individual or the organisation. On the left side there are positive forces which help promote the goal, on the other side there are negative forces, which treat achievement of the success. (Humprhey 2005) Swot Analysis is an important tool due to its ability to help to plan next steps in achieving the goal. First, the decision makers should consider whether the goal is able to be done, given the SWOTs. If the goal is not reached, a different objective must be selected and the process must be repeated. To make analysis useful, it is important to respond to the question connected with each category (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). (Quincy, Shuang & Chien- Chung 2012) According to Piercy and Giles (2007), Swot Analysis can fairly easy be understood by users and provides good structure to plan, also understands ideas ... ... middle of paper ... ... opportunities (Obloj 2007). Successes factors are sources of competitive advantage for a significant part in building customer benefits, there are useful in are working organisation. These are difficult to replicate by competitors. Key success factors are similar for organizations within the same industry. In the industry, the most successful company is the one which has the most success factors or has factors which are not available for the competitors. There are related to the mission and goals of the business and project. (York 1988) 4. EVALUATION OF THE WORK SYSTEM Seven Work System Principles (Alter 2002 pp. 49) appeal to any e-business. Each of these elements are connected to one framework element. This report explains the fourth principle: ‘create value from information’, what refers to all information used now and examine information that would help

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