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Susan Brownell Anthony was an American social transformer and a women's rights advocate who played a very important role in the women's suffrage movement. In the year of 1820, feminist leader Susan B Anthony, established a new program with the intent to change the economy. Susan Anthony’s life was dedicated to the equality of all people regardless of their race or gender by writing an influential newspaper, creating leagues and organizations, and putting herself at personal risk for others.
The Revolution
Susan B. Anthony established many things for women's rights. In 1868 she started publishing the newspaper called the revolution. She started this newspaper in Rochester, New York. She supported a workshop founded by the Sewing …show more content…

In 1851, Susan met Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who became her lifelong friend and coworker in social reforming activities, mostly in the field of women's rights. In 1863 Anthony organized Women’s National Loyal League, which collected nearly 400,000 for the abolition of slavery. This was very important because at that women's rights had become a huge matter. Susan created so many organizations and leagues dedicated to free lives and equality for all people. In 1869 Anthony establish a new organization, the National Woman Suffrage Association. The people at the National Woman Suffrage Association all agreed that the 14th and 15th amendment were an insult to women. As the amendments did not allow them to vote. The association also advocated for divorce to be easier and for equal pay at work regardless of race or …show more content…

Even with her vigorous attempts, she still put herself in danger. Even though she already went all over the country to rally, she eventually took things into their own hands when she voted illegally in 1872, in her hometown Rochester, NY. She was accused in a widely publicized trial. Of the 14 women who voted only, she was put on trial because she was the leader of the feminist at that point. The women that voted expected to be sent away because they were women. They were using a strategy that the National Women's Suffrage Association conjured. The National Women's Suffrage Association believed that they had right to vote because of the 14th amendment, stating that all citizens of the US have the right to vote regardless of their race. 12 days after the election, Commissioner William Storrs arrested Susan Anthony and the 14 other women who voted. She demanded to be arrested properly when a deputy federal marshal arrested her differently because she was a

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  • Explains that susan brownell anthony was an american social transformer and women's rights advocate who played a very important role in the women’s suffrage movement.
  • Explains that susan b. anthony established many things for women's rights. she started the revolution newspaper in rochester, new york, and supported the sewing machine operators union.
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