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Supreme Court Research Paper
The journey to get to the Supreme Court, in itself, is a long one. First, a person starts by either being arrested then tried in a criminal case or being tried in a civil case. In the event of a criminal case the defendant will appear before a grand jury and they decide whether or not to indict the defendant and then the accused will come before a judge and they will be charged and then they will enter their plea. From there the defendant is given time to look over all of the evidence and build a legal argument. Then the case goes to trial and the jury makes their verdict, and if the accused is determined to be not guilty then the charges are dropped but if they are found guilty then the judge decides the criminals sentence in the form of a fine, jail time, or even execution (
On the other hand if the trial is a civil case the process is similar but not quite the same. The only difference is that instead of the state pressing charges against an individual or company, they deal with disputes between people or corporations. In civil cases a party feels as if they have been wronged so they will file a suit in civil court in order to have the wrong rectified through an alter of behavior, an order to cease and desist, or award monetary damages. The two sides then will gather evidence and then they will go to trial. The people however, can waive their right to trial by jury and let the judge decide their fate or they could let the jury do that for them (
Once the case has been tried, it can be appealed to a higher court, such as a state appellate court or a federal court of appeals. However in order for the case to be appeal...

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...his case in particular involved a woman, Nancy Cruzan, who was involved in a terrible car accident in 1983. The accident ended up leaving her in a “persistent vegetative state.” In order to feed her and to help her on the road to recovery, surgeons at the hospital did an operation in which they implanted into her, a gastronomy feeding and hydration tube. After a few weeks it was clear that there was pretty much no chance that the poor girl would recover, so her parents respectfully asked the hospital employees to stop doing the life support procedures. The State hospital employees refused to comply with their request without court approval. After trial, the Missouri Supreme Court Refused to order termination of the life-support, because they believed that there was not clear and convincing evidence to show that Nancy would have chosen to refuse treatment (

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