Essay On Supply Chain Management

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The article describes about the supply chain management and various activities and programmes involved in supply chain management. The author even explains different phases in the evolution of supply chain management. Mainly focuses on the 7 principals which bring host of competitive advantage to the company. Andersen consulting listed all the 7 principles and briefly explained them. The role of logistic professionals and the use of technology in the implementation of the system. The relation between the information technology and the supply chain management were explained. Mostly the use of supply chain management is explained.
Critical analysis:
The main concept in this article is supply chain management which starts with the customer and ends with the customer. It is a programme involved from raw material to customer. To know the needs of the customers and providing them in time and satisfying them is the main motto of the system. The main components of the supply chain system are sourcing, order processing, inventory management, transportation, customer service. Apart from all these activities information systems plays key role in monitoring all of the above activities. The main advantage from the supply chain management system is reducing operating costs and improving productivity with profits.
Value of the article:
This article helps in gaining the knowledge about the supply chain management and the technological aspects of the system. Supply chain management adds value to the organisation and improves the organisation in all aspects. Many of the companies implement these systems to gain competitive advantage over the others. This article also provides the information about the profits and advantages of the supply chain man...

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...he rights to monitor and assigned role for management of institutions to achieve excellence, efficiency and equity. In my opinion Indian institutions and organisations should implement total quality management to improve quality of resources and educations for the students.
In my opinion total quality management plays a crucial role in the development of the country and the individuals. Total quality management is essential for survival and growth. It even enhances capacity utilization. Indian academic council should take initiative in implementing total quality management in all the institutions. When we compare India with other nations it is far away in the race. Implementation of total quality management doesn’t require much money but even helps in saving. If this management system is implemented in India we can see a great development in the near future.