Essay On Student Memory

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Memory is one of the most important aspects of any child 's education, without them being able to recall what they have been taught; there is no teaching or learning occurring. Fortunately, there are some key ideas and activities for teachers to implicate in the classroom to improve student memory. COMPOSE standing for Connection, Odds of success, Meaningfulness of the materials, Practice, Organizational clarity, Strategies, Emotion, is a teaching skill which when used effectively in the classroom can enhance student memory with easy and fun activities.
As a teacher if your students can make a connection to prior knowledge they will have a better chance at remembering the information you are trying to teach. This can be achieved through teaching
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Through organization students feel the teacher is more prepared and has a good clear idea about what the children are to learn. Activities for teachers to implicate in the classroom so students are aware of the organizational clarity is through beginning the lesson with clear outcome goals, this will guide students throughout the day to keep them and teachers on track of what is to be taught. Creating study guides and content enhancement routines are just some examples of strategies teachers can use in the classroom to show organizational clarity. Being an organized teacher is just one of the many good attributes teachers can bring to the classroom to improve student memory as is creating strategies for students to implicate in order to help them recall information…show more content…
Teachers are encouraged to develop these strategies and where possibly implement them into their teaching to help enhance student memory. This can be achieved by teaching specific memory recall strategies and when to use them, examples such as visual representations or asking the students to demonstrate what strategies they find useful, are all good ideas for teachers to take into consideration when trying to improve student memory. Strategies help students when it comes to studying what they have learned in the easiest most effective way possible; however theses strategies may become unhelpful at one point in time if a child is emotionally
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