Essay On Stress And Burnout

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Stress and Burnout Barbara Pritchard OMM 618: Human Resources Management Dr. Robert DeYoung January 27, 2014 Stress and Burnout Burnout is considered to be emotional, mental, and physical tiredness caused by too much and long-drawn-out stress. It can occur when you fill over worked and you are unable to meet your work demands. When stress continues, people begin to lose their interest or motivation that led them to take on a certain role in the work place. Burnout can reduce productivity and takes your energy, leaving a person feeling more and more helpless, hopeless, skeptical, and resentful. The unhappiness and disconnection burnout causes may and can threaten your job, your relationships, and even your health. Burnout can be healed by a person that can regain their balance by prioritizing their time for their selves and getting the support they need. In this paper, it will entail how a person can overcome being burned-out from work, home, school, and family. If a person is feeling stressed, or worn-out it can mean that they are on their way to being burned-out. Many problems can seem dark and make it hard to have the energy to care about the situation at the time it is occurring. Other ways on the way to feeling burnout can be caused by: a bad day, life at home or on the job. It is not good being tired all the time, having no energy to go on, or just feeling unappreciated for what you are doing for others? The disadvantages’ of burnout can go over into areas of your life; like your home and social life. Feeling burnout all the time can and will have affects on your health and body that can lead to serious illnesses like having a stroke or being depressed all the time. Consequences of burnout need to be dealt with ... ... middle of paper ... ...cking to my goals are what keeps me grounded and not being stressed or burn-out on my job. Communication can play a big factor in day to day job duties to keep a person from being burnout. Organizing what you do from day to day may keep a person from stressing and being burned out. My co-workers and I try to motivate each other throughout the day to keep from being stressed out. “It Works” for us. References Dessler, Gary. Framework for Human Resource Management, A, 6/e Vitalsource eBook for Ashford University. Pearson Learning Solutions Ryndes, T. (1997). Stress: Creating an environment to prevent burnout. The healthcare Forum, 40(4), 54-57. doi: 233513320 Smith, M., Segal, J., & Segal, R. (2014). Preventing burnout: signs, symptoms, causes, and coping strategies. HelpGuide, Retrieved from
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