Essay On Stop Motion Animation

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When people think of animation, they normally think of cartoons, and kids movies. That’s not always the case. Animation is one of the most broad mediums among entertainment. Its in movies, video games, even websites and advertisements. Animation enhances multiple forms of entertainment and there are multiple type of animation to cater to these mediums. It comes in multiple forms that not many know of, or realize is considered animation. Some of the most popular times are stop motion, 3D, and 2D. Stop motion animation is one of the more tedious but shocking forms of animation. It involves using models, such as objects, or sculptures, and taking multiple photos, each one with the model slightly moved to give it life. Once the photos are put…show more content…
In 2D animation, the character is redrawn for every frame, making it hard to stay consistent enough for recognition. For the most part, everything is made by hand, though at times it can be just changing the limbs, or facial expressions needed, the animator is responsible for making gravity, reaction time, physics, and smooth movements happen, all at once. Mark Kennedy(N.D) believes “The pull of gravity is one of the most important principles to deal with in animation. Everything has a certain amount of weight and will act and react accordingly.” (para. 14, p. 2). There have been multiple softwares and techniques to be utilized and make the process a little less painful. Some programs have even evolved so the model just needs the starting and ending positions and the computer will guess how it got there. Most cartoons have been made in this format, even video games. Disney is one of the more famous companies that has used 2D animation for entertainment, at least until 2011, when they began using 3D rendering for their movies, and now their TV shows as well. Even though Disney has drifted from 2D animation, its still a heavy influence on their work. The movie“Moana” has 2D animation that influences the whole plot of the movie. One of the characters has tattoos that act as his conscious and tell him what he should do, and they’re animated two dimensionally, as observed by Chris Gates(2016). Another part is a scene where cave…show more content…
Making models for animating is like playing with clay on the computer. The ways things can be manipulated are so versatile, and complex. There have been people who make photorealistic models, and sometimes even add a background to make what looks like photographs on the screen, but its all digital. 3D animation is used in the most expansive ways. It is used for kid shows and movies, video games for a variety of formats and age groups, and even in movies with CGI. Although it is the fastest evolving due to the huge competition in the field, it has important aspects many don’t know of. In Dell Milton’s(N.D) interview with Giovanni Nakpil, Nakpil states that“Not overdoing something in a 3D scene is definitely important. When putting a lense flare for example, do not place one on your scene just for the sake of having it there. Have it there only if its truly essential to the image. I once saw a space scene that had at least five different lense flares going off on different angles (which is fairly impossible in the real world). Also, some make the mistake of bombarding their images with lights, just to make sure that every detail on the scene is accounted for. Looking at compositions by some of the artists at the 3D Artists gallery, you'll find that what makes their compositions so successful is that they are not afraid to hide parts of their images in the shadows. Having a dramatic play between light and shadow is
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