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WHAT IS THE MEANING OF STONEHENGE? Report Overview This report will give an in depth look at Stonehenge and use todays available evidence and theories to conclude the meaning of Stonehenge. It will discuss its location, who built it and how, its purpose, its discovery and the myths and legends formulated around it and its significance, from the time is was made to today. Introduction Stonehenge is one of the words greatest mysteries as we have limited definite knowledge of its origins, its meaning or how the mighty stones were lifted. The only thing we can ever be entirely sure about is the location of Stonehenge. This is because radiocarbon dating on the stones shows us that Stonehenge came from around 5000 years ago - a time period before writing and recording information. There are many different theories behind the creation of Stonehenge and its significance – still today; historians do not have evidence to show who built it. Stonehenge has always been one of the words biggest questions, therefore leading to large amounts of speculations from different scientists, historians and archaeologists. But first we must know what a henge is, according to a henge is “a Neolithic monument of the British Isles, consisting of a circular area enclosed by a bank and ditch and often containing additional features including one or more circles of upright stone or wood pillars: probably used for ritual purposes or for marking astronomical events, as solstices and equinoxes.” Where is it located? Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire, England, which is around 3km west from Amesbury and around 13km north of Salisbury. Amesbury is famous for Stonehenge as it is the closest town to the site. The land around Amesbury has be settled... ... middle of paper ... ...d and taken into the afterlife. TEMPLE Many who study Stonehenge believe that it was used as a place of worship. What was being worshiped is unknown but many believe it was a link with the sun or moon Gods. Originally the Druids were given the credit of building Stonehenge for the purpose of a temple, but after research showed that the Druids inhabited the area thousands of years after Stonehenge was built, we know this was not it’s original purpose. But as the Druids came from a time where history began to be recorded we know that they did use the structure as a part of their worship. UFOS As people are constantly trying to create explanations for the unknown, the complexity of the site has brought people to believe that man could not have built it. Since man could not have made this structure, the next obvious conclusion would be that aliens built it.

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