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There numerous theories about the stonehenge that no one can fully answer.
The stonehenge is located in Stalsburg, England. Conspiracies say it was built 5,000 years by Druids. Others say by the Romans. The Stonehenge is a strange creation and no one really understands the full meaning of why it was built.
There are many theories that flow over the stonehenge such as who built it, when, and why they built it.
The artist of the stonehenge is still trying to be discovered but there have been many rumors to who built it. Given the length of time taken to build the Stonehenge, who could have carried out such a job. The monument was constructed in distinct stages. The theories keep rambling on but they can be very convincing. The most convincing theory is that the monument was built by Britains 5,000 years ago. Earlier theories were that it was constructed by the romans but this theory has been disapproved in the 20th century. So far, the Britain theory is the most believed.
Some say the monument was built by Britains. They believed it was to unify Britain. “Stonehenge required everyone ‘to pull off together’ in ‘act of unification’.” ( Prof. Parker )
The Stonehenge seems to symbolize so much of Britain. Such as researchers believe the rocks symbolize the different communities in Britain. “The whole result of the Construction to Build the Stonehenge was to rejoice Britain.” ( Prof. Parker )
Other hypothesis states the monument was built 4,500/ 5,000 years ago by involving three broadly different groups. The Celts (Druids) who were most people believe built the Stonehenge didn't arrive on the scene until the end of construction. The Druids used the temple of worship and perhaps sacrifice. The second peoples on the site invaded Sal...

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...stones. The Stonehenge was created in many stages. The way they constructed it was used with many rocks. The Bluestones are the smaller rocks in the Stonehenge. The Sarsen stones are the much larger ones. They were all put in during the different stages of the Stonehenge.
The Stonehenge is a theory based piece of art which is on many levels of debates. The two most popular theories are that Three Tribe theory and that the British built it to unify Britain. The time period is mainly estimated at 3000 BC through 2000 BC. They believe the Stonehenge was built in multiple stages all throughout. The influence for why the stonehenge was built is the major question towards the stonehenge. Conspiracies show that the Druids used it for royal purposes to pay off the “Gods”. In the end, the Stonehenge became a Great piece of art with 30 rocks help up vertical and horizontal.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the stonehenge is a strange creation and no one really understands the full meaning of why it was built.
  • Explains that the stonehenge was constructed in distinct stages. the most convincing theory is that it was built by britains 5,000 years ago.
  • Explains that the stonehenge was built by britains. they believed it was to unify britain.
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