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Do you ever watch wrestling? Anything like WWE? TNA? Or NXT? Have you heard of the attitude era during a match or the show and have no idea what it is or who started it? Well, if you heard of the phrase the attitude era then you must have heard of the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stone Cold, for short, has been in the wrestling industry since the 1990’s. Back in the 1990’s, the wrestling industry was called WWF which stands for world wrestling federation. During the attitude era, Stone Cold’s popularity rose with the WWF universe. From T-shirts to sweatpants with his name on them, Stone Cold Steve Austin officially became the founder of the attitude era.
Who exactly is Stone Cold Steve Austin? –
Steve Anderson, also known as Stone cold, was born in Texas December 18, 1964. Stone Cold attended college for some years, but ended up dropping out of college to work on a loading dock in Houston, Texas. In 1989, Steve started to develop an interest in professional wrestling and signed himself up to a wrestling school close to Dallas. In the WCW (World Championship Wrestling), Stone cold got his first match in 1990, earning him $20 for every fight. Going along with WCW to different countries, instead of living in a hotel from country to country, Stone cold lived in his car. Stone Cold, at the time knew he was not making money, but he enjoyed what he was doing so he didn’t care if he had to live in his car. Stone Cold was fired from WCW and then decided to join WWF in December 1995. Cold started to work with his manager, but Cold saw that he was not getting him anywhere with the WWF universe. Cold then dumped his manager, shaved his head and invented this gimmick, which was to act like a natural born killer.

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...ully knowing until you have watched it from the beginning. WWE now have app that you can see all the episodes from the beginning that you can download. This has helped me identify what the end of the attitude era is. I am one of the people that say the era ended after Stone Cold and The Rock left. I say this because after they left, there was no one to question authority as well as Stone Cold did. No one after that cared about what would happen on Monday night Raw. Stone Cold leaving impacted the future of WWF now known as WWE. His leaving caused WWF to change.
Now that you understand what the attitude Era is and how it all changed WWF and who started it, you can now explain it to people who don’t know and you can sound smart while doing it. How this helps the next time you are watching wrestling or whenever you hear the attitude era, you feel so confused anymore.
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