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The Saints
A sports team contains all the workings of a social group, and normative organization; they contain a social aspect, every one on a team is there voluntarily, and they have a main goal, of the season. Looking at sports teams they all have the same goal, which is to win, but all have a different way of achieving this. Either by throwing the ball in to the hoop such as in basket ball, or the running to the end of the field as many times as one can in a game like in American football or rugby. With in the Norkam senior high school girl’s rugby team, also know as the Saints, the same goals apply. This team showed clear signs of a group and organization, and also had cultural quality’s as well. Once one was instated on the team every one acknowledge this, there is a separate language used on the field and in practices which to an out sider may not make sense, this language included the words “scrum,” “line out,” and “try.” Although having aspects of a culture this team
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The Coaches held the most power with in the team, they are responsible for organizing games and transport, as well as assigning punishments. The coach’s main purpose was to teach the team how to play rugby, and pass on advice; much like a folk school. Next in the line of authority were the team captains, who are voted in by their fellow teammates. Captains are almost always one of the most senior members of the team, and have knowledge of the game, and strong leadership quality’s. The captain’s are responsible for their teammates, they must set strong example of good sportsmanship; captains were also responsible for being the messenger from the coaches and players, to the referees. The Hierarchical power structure largely effects how social interaction work on the team, this structure allows for respect of the senior member of the team not just the coaches and
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