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Sport as a unifier There would be no sport in the world if there was no competitiveness about it. However in order for there to be competitiveness there needs to be some division in something that both women and men enjoy playing, Sport. Sport is defined “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.” By this statement I refer to Joe Humphreys statement within his book ‘Foul Play’ as irrelevant due to the fact that Sport has a positive influence on athletes and people as it continually challenges you to push yourself further than your expectations and to strive for excellence for athletes but also for the people to supply motivation and support. “Sport has the power to change the world,” said the late Nelson Mandela. This statement had shown during the 1995 Rugby World Cup held by South Africa as well as being won by South African. South Africa had just had their first democratic election in 1994 and one year later the differentiation between races was still difficult to deal with due to Apartheid. However the Spontaneous moment of our fi...

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