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The book “Jane Addams: Spirit in Action” was written by Louise W. Knight and published in September, 2010. It includes a precise and well elaborated bibliography of Jane Addams. The focus of the book is on gender roles, politics, race, culture, labor and law. It introduces the Great depression and progressive campaigns done by Addams. She is one of the nation’s radical progressives and a great legacy of social and political reforms. Jane Addams, born in the year 1860, was the first American women who won the Nobel Peace Prize. In particular, “this book is the story of how Jane Addams…increasingly thought of herself, released her own spirit, and, worked with others.” With this Jane Addams was an astonishing individual who did remarkable things…show more content…
It is very accurate and specific in detail with the incredible campaigns Jane Addams represented. The book, “Jane Addams: Spirit in Action”, was intended to show people what a great woman Addams particularly was. It describes her passion to help individuals in any way she possibly can. It also describes how her life led up to her being a well-organized and successful woman despite her losses. Addams mother passed and was raised by her father who loved her very much. Initially, Addams grew up and wanted to attend the “Smith College that was to offer women real B.A.’s, equal in difficulty to those men earned.” Showing her passion of learning and wanted to push herself to harder…show more content…
It has 334 pages including the postscript, acknowledgements, further reading, and books of Jane Addams’s, photograph credits, notes and index. The hardcover book is only 28.95 dollars. (W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. 2010) This indeed is a wonderful book to read and is recommended by countless individuals who find her work mesmerizing in social reforms and politics. It shows individuals how Jane Addams was raised and how she made it subsequently far. Consuming a passion like Jane Addams is one in a million, which shows her great enthusiasm in helping the women and minorities of the United States of America. Raising campaigns and gathering committees plus parties helped Jane Addams in her fine and exquisite work. She had great skills and strained everything in her power to make the world a recovering home. Jane Addams made the United States a healthier home for the people just by adding a settlement

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