Essay On Speech Language And Communication

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This essay will discuss the role of the early year’s educators in particular focusing on supporting speech, language and communication in early childhood. When a child is growing up, their speech and language gives them access to the world and people around them. They learn to communicate with other people, and shape their own thoughts with words. Language and communication skills include a child's ability to express himself or herself through words, gestures, or facial expressions, as well as the capacity to understand others. “Communication is an essential life skill. It is the basis on which all children learn, achieve and make friends. It is vital to the development of children’s social and emotional well-being”. (Lindon, J., 2002). The early years settings is concerned with emergent literacy. The early years practitioners need to provide a print rich environment to the children for example when they are ready a story hold the book up so they can see the words, having the childs name and photograph on the placemats. (NCCA, 2009). French (2013) states that we need to become more ...

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