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South Korea has been a long time friend and ally of the United States of America. However, if this were to change there are many key factors that would need to be analyzed if war was to break out between the two countries. This is a brief look into some of the factors that make South Korea the country it is today and how it operates.
Looking at South Korea there is a long time line of different forms of government. Today the South Korea we know is not the same South Korea that uses to exist. South Korea, or The Republic of South Korea is a democratic government with short periods of autocratic rule. It was first established in 1948, and was formed from the divide of the country after World War II, when the country was split between Russian
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Since the Korean War, with aid from the United States of America the country has seen a dramatic grown in their economy. South Korea has reached such a flourishing state from its heavy industries and large amounts of exports of goods. The average annual growth rate of South Korea is 8.6 percent. (, 2012) As for the infrastructure of South Korea, the total work force is 26 million strong. There are eight major ports, over 100,000 km of road ways, and 3,000 km of rail ways, that are mainly used for public transportation not industry. However, South Korea only produces 550 bbl of oil a day while it consumes over 2.3 million bbl of oil per-day. Meaning, they are heavily dependent on the import of oil from surrounding countries. Agriculturally, South Korea is self-sufficient in that their import of food from around the world is low, their main source of food is self-grown crops and fishing. This trend, however, is starting to change as a larger western influence is become present in society. Despite this there are some things that are still unique about South…show more content…
For instance, “Tipping is not required in Korea. If you tip a server or the owner of a restaurant, they are more likely to chase you down the street with your change, than to think that you left it behind for them as a token of your appreciation (The Culture Chronicles, 2010). Koreans use mass transportation as oppose to using individual cars. If a country were to attack South Korea the best way to divide the people and keep them separated would be to destroy the massive public transit system. Having well over 2 million Koreans that use the massive transit stations daily it is a vital part of both their infrastructure and society. When looking at South Korea in this perspective it would be very easy to think of it as one big machine, however, the terrain of the country is about as diverse at the people that live

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