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Assessment of Overall Business Environment and Policy
The legacy of South Korea
With an amazing economic development during the last 50 years, Korea is now a modernized vibrant nation that still maintains its traditional culture. Korea has a long history that could date back to 2333 B.C. Koreans are largely ethnically homogenous which made their culture highly concentrated. The culture of South Korea is a combination of modern culture and traditional culture. The traditional culture is from the culture of Korea, which shares the same culture with North Korea. The modern culture is shaping with development of industrialization of South Korea and it is highly influenced by the Western culture, particularly the USA. The culture of South Korea is very diversified: Traditional Korean culture and Modern Entertainment culture .

Korea is a peninsula jutting out from the world's largest continent, which has helped form the unique Korean characteristics: a combination of traits associated with continental and island people. Korea has a long history of interacting with the continental cultures of Asia such as China. Long history and unique cultural characteristics have given South Korean a culture of great splendour.
Korea food is very famous which has become a symbol of South Korea. Rice is the staple of most Koreans like most of the other Asian countries. A Korean traditional meal is not complete without kimchi, a mixture of various pickled vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, radish, green onion and cucumber. Certain types of kimchi are made spicy with the addition of red chili pepper powder, while others are prepared without red chili peppers or are soaked in a tasty liquid.

Another cultural symbol of South Korea is the enterta...

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...amendments and fines for breaking the related regulations, to guaranteeing the innovation development in South Korea.
The local labor is high qualified and increasing while it is losing its competitiveness compared to the Chinese labor market with a low cost in manufacturing industry.
Related and supporting industries
The capacity of supporting industries in South Korea is strong, the well-developed manufacturing industry has laid solid foundation for the other industries such as electronics, telecommunications, automotive and service industry. Both Electronics and automotive industry are the main power of innovation, which could interact and cooperate for promoting the overall industry development. Interactive supporting industries not only increase the productivity of manufacturing industry but also have a positive influence on the daily and business environment.
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