Essay On Somali Eating Habits

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Somalis have a unique eating style compared to other people, it is the fasting. They would strictly obey the rule to abstain food, drink, and smoke from sunrise to sunset at the ninth month of Islamic calendar. This cultural tradition really affects the medication experience of Somalis, as a result, they only take their medications at night when fasting. To deal with this cultural conflict with medications, pharmacists should respect the culture differences, and then they may try to change the medication frequency or duration to help Somali patients get the best outcomes from the diseases. Actually back in my hometown, some people there believe in the Buddhism, they also have this kind of habit to fast regularly. For example, my aunt who fasts every Sunday, according to the traditions of the Buddhism. I know it is not necessary to force…show more content…
The three determinants of health are the social and economic environment, physical environment, and person’s individual characteristics and behaviors. The social and economic environment contains the community’s factors including social status and support networks, the physical environment includes the quality of water and air, the settings to provide health, working conditions, and the person’s individual characteristics and behaviors also play important roles in determine the health. These three factors could be related to the poor health. The economic status is essential in determining the health, the low income and social status lead to poor health because health cost much money which could not afford. For the social environment which related to the access to and use of the health services, if it is underdeveloped, people cannot prevent and cure disease effectively. Considering the physical environment, the people who have hard time drink safe water and breathe clean air would result in bad health. Additionally, for the people who refuse to keep active and do exercise, drink and smoke a lot also account for the poor
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