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Mrs. Vicki L. John
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Dear Mrs. John

The Topic I have Chosen for my Research paper is the outlook of the Software Engineering profession over the next 5-10 years.

Over the last few decades the world has seen the likes of computing become more and more apart of daily life than ever before. It has allowed easier multitasking for business allowed the internet to rise and applications to do process never thought before. However Most People do not think about the work that goes into these applications, behind the scenes.

Where Yesterday’s cutting edge technology was typewriters and two-way communication with mobile phones. Today’s cutting-edge technology is Devices like Cell-Phones that allow us to talk, text, play games stream videos and surf the web all at once if that is what we want to do. The work that goes into the little things we enjoy today is immense and a lot of hour go into it. And without this we would not be able to progress technological as fast as we are today.

The Purpose of this report is to examine and show the impact that software engineers make on today’s current society. This report will cover The History and Beginning of software Engineers and what they do, to create what we never take the time to appreciate. While it seems like it’s an easy thing to do creating applications and testing them for public use, it can be very stressful and difficult and extremely time consuming. being called a software engineer is a controversial topic many people say that using the term engineer is being used as they are only writing code, such as that a construction w...

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...s, have the chance to be creative, software engineers are problem solvers at heart, and that is what is so fascinating about them.

While the good things look to good to be true, there are disadvantages such as, the field of software engineering can be a little tricky many position require exact knowledge in multiple technologies such as programming languages, operating systems, hardware, and databases, among other things, not everyone has every one of the specific skills. While you must have exact knowledge, the knowledge needed for these jobs is always changing since technology is always evolving. And you be replaced with people has knowledge over the new technologies, since you are useless to the company needs. Also as you work on projects you may be asked of even need to stay and work overtime without pay to finish project deadlines get closer and closer,
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