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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,”-Nelson Mandela. In our world, full of endless savagery and pure demise, how can we, as a society, move forward and look past our ample amount of both cultural and ethnic differences? Education: more specifically, Sociology. Sociology, by definition, is “the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society.” Development. Structure. Function. How are people as a whole changing and adapting to their specific sense of circumstances? Furthermore, how are we, as a species helping each other to survive and flourish? In my opinion, we are not doing well. Ever since mankind's existence, however, you believe it to have started, there has been war, famine,…show more content…
How are we developing as a society, as a species? We have been caught in a cycle of demise. There is constant war and disease, with little to no communication. No one seems to care. We must start communicating and understanding one another. This is what we must change, through education. Sociology can expand one's mindset and, as a result, lead one to discover the ritualistic tendencies and exclusive traditions of all the unique populations in our diverse world. By exposing and familiarizing yourself with these aspects of all the people in our world, through sociology, one can learn to respect, even admire, all different type of cultures and ethnicities. Exposure leads to, at the very least, understating. If the general population could simply educate themselves in different cultures and ethnicities, we could understand each other. With this understanding comes change. We must be connected and communicate. On a much larger scale we, as a species, have so much in common, more than just what lies skin…show more content…
One of its main focuses is how we structure our lives, which neve differs much in any society or ethnicity. Whether it is extended or nuclear, it is clear that keeping familial ties intact is a huge theme in all cultures and ethnicities around the world, regardless of our differences. Only sociology can be used to not only examine our differences, but our similarities as well. Through studying this science, we all can learn that there is not much of a difference between us after all. Whether it is a Muslim and a Catholic, or an African-American and an Asian, everyone is the same; everyone is different. This is the paradox that we must come to embrace. Instead of focusing on what divides us, why are we not instead focusing on what unites

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