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‘Sociological Imagination' as explained by C. Wright Mills is an individual's ability to recognize the connection between the course of their own lives and the role that historical and societal changes play in the personal decisions they make (Mills, 1959). Unaware of the effect of this connection on the kind of people they are becoming, they are unable to solve personal troubles as they look for solutions within themselves as a biographical entity (Mills, 1959). They fail to identify the structural transformation that is responsible for their private troubles. Dilemmas that individuals face within themselves or amongst direct relations with others are known as personal troubles (Mills, 1959). In contrast, public issues, are troubles that affect a large number of people in the local environment of an individual (Mills, 1959). They often occur due to the instability of economic and political institutions. Structural changes causing personal troubles pose a serious question: Are personal constraints faced by an individual a public issue? Social imagination acts as a guideline to evaluate our personal, mundane decisions. Our personal lives are controlled by our own biological and historical transformations as they overlap with our social environment (Mills, 1959). Concerning my personal experience, this paper will analyze the sociological forces affecting my personal decision of attending university in Canada. As an 18-year-old high school student, I was asked to make the most life-changing decision of my life. By analyzing the thought process of choosing Canada, I believe that from the sociological perspective, various micro-sociological factors like concerted cultivation, personal cultural capital and social mobility within soc... ... middle of paper ... ...hnic and religious identities, to the multicultural land of Canada (Majzoub, 2016). Multiculturalism has been an integral part of the Canadian society since 1988(Majzoub, 2016). As part of multiculturalism, immigrants are guaranteed freedom, reverence, equality, and safety regardless of their background (Majzoub, 2016). As opposed to America's idea of the melting pot, whereby immigrants are expected to adapt to the American culture, Canada is made up of the vertical mosaic (Peach, 2005). The vertical mosaic, allows immigrants to bring their backgrounds and cultures and encourages them to share their values and heritage with Canadian citizens to create a welcoming and homely environment for everyone (Peach, 2005). As a result, many international students like myself preferred to go to Canada as compared to the States during times of such extreme political instability.

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