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My social work practice in the Philippines in child protection primarily uses conventional social work theories. Now that I am exposed to the Canadian perspective that emphasizes on progressive approaches, it occurs to me that the social problem my agency intended to pursue only solved it in its periphery and not the social structures that created and maintained them. Not surprisingly, the same problem twenty years ago was the same struggle being solved now. By maintaining a conservative framework, Bantay Bata 163 failed to see that the cause of the enduring social problem of child abuse is caused by the patriarchal system. I practice my profession as a social worker at Batay Bata 163 [Child Watch 163] (…show more content…
This method uses processes whereby the family systems are enhanced by providing skill building, support in order to change old abusive behavior with functioning parenting attitudes (Amundson, M. J., 1989). The basis for this approach is that out-of-home placement of rescued family members inflicts greater suffering and feeling of loss and inadequacy. Despite initial treatment, they may return to original attitudes and feelings (Amundson, M. J., 1989). This approach is based on supporting evidence of harmful effects of institutionalization. Programs implemented by the agency are characterized by a focus on preventing further family disintegration through psychosocial, educational, and concrete services such as counseling for family members and economic skills-building…show more content…
Like my practice in Bantay Bata 163, the object is to eliminate the social problem of child abuse. However, the agency failed to see that social problem is caused by existing patriarchy prevalent in the society’s consciousness reflected on existing social structures. The above-mentioned interventions demonstrate what the agency constantly employs – a victim-centered approach. I am not criticizing that the program is an absolute failure. I express my frustration that the agency could have been more effective, and impactful if it used its influence and resources to address patriarchy that caused oppression. Unfortunately, the agency has not engaged in concrete advocacy in eliminating these structures. If the efforts of Bantay Bata 163 and others with the same vision do not intentionally change these oppressive structures, it will not be surprising that more children will be victims of

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