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Social work is something that has always been a helpful tool for the people who are just down on their luck. Even in the 1800 's, people were inspired to help those in need. Some believed that you would never get out of your poverty stricken state without the help of charity. Other people, like Octavia Hill, thoroughly believed in the power of yourself. She made it known that people would remain in the threat of poverty if they always relied on the government or churches. Octavia taught people how to help themselves. One thing that she said really struck a cord with me: “The people’s homes are bad, partly because they are badly built and arranged, they are tenfold worse because the tenants’ habits and lives are what they are." If we do not…show more content…
You have to have a Bachelor 's degree in Social Work, either a Bachelor 's degree in Psychology of Sociology and you have to be licensed by the state. All throughout obtaining your degree there are struggles along the way. A good majority of your classes are based theoretical or case studies. This does give you a background of what you could be in for, but with social work it is still a case by case study. Not every day will be the same, especially since you will be working with people. At some point in your journey to become a social worker you will be placed with someone who is already in the field. This will allow you to see certain things first hand. It is a difficult job. There will be a lot of times where the person you are placed with will not have the time to teach you anything. They do not usually have time to finish their own tasks, let alone take on a student. If you are placed with someone who has the time or has taken on a lot of students in the past, they may have learned from past experiences and can give you additional knowledge to help start you off on the right foot. The minimum that you could learn is how to file, organize, and those are still beneficial things to learn while you are getting accustomed to a profession that doesn 't give a lot of slack in time
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