Essay On Social Problems

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Social Problems in Education and the Family Time is changing, what was once viewed as normal is now considered out of the ordinary. When we think about out of the ordinary we come to conclusion that it is something un-normal or unnatural. In spite of it all, we must embrace the changes within our problems and solutions. The social norms have differed immensely throughout the last 50 years, such as holding the door for women, saying please and thank you and so forth. There has been an increasing gap between the ways of thinking and the way of behaving within an ideal society. This has then resulted to be an indicator and ignition for a number of social problems. Throughout the following essay I will be explaining how the change in social values within the American Society in time has change the face of education in the United States. Since I could remember, I had always wanted to be accepted and act the way I should. Our Social Values in which we go on to carry with ourselves on being extremely important, develop how we become. Social Values demonstrate the perfect way of discerning and…show more content…
Technology, religion, and social values are not what they once were. As we begin to develop, our technology, religion and social values begin to shift. Our perceptions about child development and learning styles change as new studies emerge to shift our past methods. According to the textbook article Forces Affecting Education in the Twenty-First Century, Globalization is one of the biggest influence within our schools and attitudes. “In a space of two decades, much of American cultural life has been influenced through connections to worldwide products, information on different values and beliefs, and shifting job markets,” (Barbour,2010). There are changes all around, internally and externally in which persuade and educate the changes within our social
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