Essay On Social Play

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Play is a general experience and serves both natural and biological purposes. Though play, children learn about ever-changing world ( Elkind, 2003). During the early years of a child, play is seen as very important as it develops the different types of domains of the child. Nowadays, play base learning is considered to be the most important part of toddlers’ growth and educators have to make their best to implement interesting activities in the nursery to make the child develop in a positive way. The main aspect of development is the social development of a child which will help to develop other domain as well and educators plays a big role for the children’s grown and here the perspective of educators on social learning during play in the…show more content…
At the age of 2 to 3, children tend to explore more as well as investigating the environment and then this will be a guidance into play and most of the time social play is where children have interactions between themselves or between others children and educators. With social play, children gain social skills and pro social skills. For examples, children will try to find other children to play with, detect and agrees differences in others, contributes as fellows in a group or even they will work unitedly with others to finish task. Social development includes in the acquiring of values and understanding and thus helping children to contribute positively to the family, school and community. Moreover, children are more developed by social play, that is, it helps them to train more of the oral and non-verbal communication by exchanging roles. It also helps children to wait for the turn taking and sharing of toys. Smilansky and Shefatya (1990) contend that the success of the school mostly rely on the children’s skill to cooperate clearly with peers as well as adults. Further, social play helps shaping a child on who he or she will become as an individual in the future and which roles they are given in…show more content…
It is also about discussing on moral issues with children and motivate them to share about what they think. This will make them feel important and valued when they are being listened to. Social development in toddlers will make them how to get along with others with a positive guide of an educators which will help them to respond and being corrected on the spot when it is a negative interactions. Some children can be friendly with others rapidly. They are able to adapt in different type of group without any effort but for others, they need time to get along with others as they did not master the social skills on how to interact with others. Educators of early childhood can help children to interact and develop their social skills with others around them if the child is having difficulties to do so as a good social bond is advantageous for the child’s development. Toddlers will not learn all the social skills at once as it will take time and us as educators should be using lots of praising so as to encourage children to persevere on developing his social skills. The role of an educator in front of children is very important as she need to be close to each and every child to know what
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