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Social Networking sites are playing an important role in personal life as well as business. A social networking site has become very popular for people to connect and share their interest with family and friends. Although the use of social networks is increasingly on the rise, many users are properly informed of the risks associated with using social networks. The risks as well as the security and privacy issues of social networks in business and public policy need to be evaluated and studied. Knowing these risks and challenges should be addressed to avoid potential loss of private and personal information. Social networks suffer from various security and privacy. This paper analysis also examines the issues of security, privacy and trust in social networking sites.


Social Networking sites have existed over a period of ten years, have exponential grown in fame in recent few years [1].Some of famous sites today include Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Social Network sites can be classified in to several types known as businesses, face-to-face facilitation, common interest, friends, dating and photos. According to the classification network sites include online shopping sites and e-government sites. Social Networking Sites are web-based services that allows individuals to:(a)Construct a public or semi-public profile within a restricted system.(b)create a list of other users to who they link(c)view and go through the their list of connections and those made by others within the system. Social Networking Sites allows users to join, share information and other contents, play games, chat and add comments. Social network raise specific privacy concern due to their inherent management of pers...

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...ine social network sites research. Researchers have found that while social network users claim that personal privacy is a main concern, their actions directly contradict that claim. One of the first studies to inspect privacy on social networking sites reported that a key factor that undermines privacy for Facebook users is the sum of information they disclosure on their profiles(Jones & Soltren,2005).Alike, in their study of user conduct on social networking sites, Acquisti and Gross(2006) reported that while respondents repetitively agreed that privacy was one of their biggest concerns, many still posted personal information on their social network account, including their class schedule and home address. Users lack in security policies, legal aspects, ethics, password protection, information Security awareness and information security culture (Kritzinger,2008).
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