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Social movements are a type of group’s action consisting large amounts of people, they focus on political and social issues to undo certain social change. This usually happened in industrialized/ urbanized areas. For the emerging of social movements there must be a large number of people experiencing relative deprivation; they must have a high level of interactions and communication, the more socially alike they are, likely to form a movement. There are several types of social movements; reform/radical/peaceful/violent/old and global movements, each type of movement want different outcomes/change. When looking at contemporary society there are more social movements compared to the older times; because of the education, freedom of speech in…show more content…
This movements is done globally but began in the western countries, the rise of the feminist movement started off with the women’s suffrage movement. This started off in the 19th century the whole movement was base on women having a political view meaning that they wanted to be able to vote/elect on who should be prime minster. The most obvious tactic at the time seemed to be the collection of petitions in order to reveal the strength of public feeling in the matter (Purvis, 1998:38) between the years of 1867 and 1872 there was almost two million signatures which were collected. However women had tones of disabilities/disadvantages to overcome. For example they were denied right of entry into higher education or into any profession, they were not able to vote for councillors or magistrates let alone stand for themselves. Another topping of this burden was that if they were married they were not entitled to any of the property which they owned; instead their husbands had full possession of anything the family owned. Women were being affected from both private and public sphere. Unfortunately the women suffrage movement did not apply to all women; it primarily focused on middle class white women. Overall working class women did not have the rights to have an opinion or say on any political affairs, since they were seen as…show more content…
From those oppression they faced economical inequality, exclusion from decision making (political decisions) and violence. Women and men faced violence in different ways, most women in war fear being raped and sexual abused; the majority of people dying in wars are women and children. In Paris at the European social forum women stand for the unequal treatment of other women within France sex trafficking and prostitution underlining the vulnerability of these women. When dealing with patriarchy as a system of oppression feminist look at it as a public sphere which has a major effect on the private sphere of individuals lives, patriarchy is a political as well as a social system, shaping and being shaped by state agencies (Maiguashca, 2010:85). When looking at racist oppression black women tend to be at the front line, “racism in Brazilian health care is a real problem with very bad understanding of black people especially black women” (Maiguashca, 2010); black women do not only face racist discrimination but also face gender discrimination doubling the burden on their shoulder. The third oppression system global neo liberalism is seen as political, “globalisation of the market means globalisation of poverty, inequality and unemployment” (Maiguashca, 2010:87). This illustrates the strive of privatization means that small business would not be able

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