Essay On Social Media In The Workplace

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With such advanced technology, the current generation of workers are struggling to find the balance of social media use, especially in the workplace. This study investigated, “Should social media be banned in the workplace”? The research has identified employees of social media in the workplace, benefits from social media for the workplace, social media policies in the workplace, the workplace’s use of social media on current and future employees, and the legal case of Stunsel vs Linfox regarding a social media dispute between the employee and employer. The study investigated the use of social media in SA Water through speaking with two of their employees, and also investigated the issue through speaking with younger workers as they are more exposed to social media than others. Various other studies and articles regarding this issue were also analysed to form this investigation. Employees use of Social Media in the Workplace With easy access to it at all times, employees have been using social media at work hours more frequently than it was a couple of years back . This often leads to negative issues that affect the employees and the employers. It has become common for employers to hold social media training sessions; however the workplace needs to take caution to not set unreasonable or unrealistic standards upon employees. This may ignite debate and cause issues between the workplace and the employees. A study conducted by Nuclear Research show that employees who use social media in the day lose 1.5% productivity . Instead of performing work, employees satisfy their desire to check social network sites. When discussing the issue, Aji John of SA Water stated that, “using social media for personal use should only be used in pers... ... middle of paper ... ... to facebook and is used to build relationships within the workers. The company also uploads work tips and health information onto the website for the workers .” This is only the beginning to new pioneering ways to use social media in the workplace. Policies and Workplace’s Advantage over employees As social media is still very new to the modern world, many workplaces have yet to introduce official social media polices to their code of conduct. According to a study conducted by lawyers Kamal Faroque and Enrico Burgio, 67% of workplaces reported that they did not have polices in place . These policies are essential in the workplace as they serve as a line of conduct when using social media amongst employers and employees. Policies provide a limit to material being publishes by employees regarding the workplace as it could be damaging to the broader organisation .
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