Essay On Social Class

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Social classes are divisions of individuals based on the amount of money one has. These classes are defined by one’s wealth and economic success. Social classes can determine what kind of life one may have and some of the obstacles they may have to deal with. The social classes are like ideas of levels, the higher the level one may be on, the more opportunities they come upon. Within the United States, there are three social classes; these are lower class, middle class, and upper class. The first social class this is more associated with most people in the United States is the “lower class.” The lower class could also be considered as the “working class.” People in the lower class usually are homeless, unemployed, or living in poverty. People who fall in the lower-class lack in education and live in cities that do not offer lead way to progress. For example, in New Orleans the curriculum is not nearly the same as it may be in Texas or any other state and there are very few jobs available for people who are not enrolled in school. The individuals who fall under the “lower class” also depend on government aids to assist them with their responsibilities. The government provides aids such as Welfare, SNAP, and social security for people who absolutely need the help. The working class contains people who work however, they are working due to skills that could be taught by family members or by a trade school. Workers who are considered in the working class are people who do manual labor. They work very hard for little money. Examples of people who fall on the lower class or working class are: electricians, carpenters, plumbers, etc. Many people in the United States fall under these two social classes, all while trying to advance to t... ... middle of paper ... ... “upper-upper” class is someone who has parents as celebrities, like Blue Ivy, because both of her parents are famous she will grow up and be considered rich because of what her family will be able to pass to her. These people typically never work for money. The people who fall under the upper class social class are people are on top. Social Classes are groups of people with common economic statuses. These groups can also have common similar cultural and political states. In the United States, there are three major social classes: lower class, middle class, and upper class. The three social classes all have people who function within the society very differently. Everyone wants to be a part of a better social class than the one they fall into for better opportunities. The three social classes all coexist together in the United states to make a socioeconomic balance.
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