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English society, politics, and religion changed vastly over a period of 1500 years. These changes shaped it into the country that it is today. England progressed from a simple tribal culture into a complex governmental system. The first stage of England’s government was a simple tribal culture. English society, in the beginning, was based on hunting for survival. But as humans developed and learned, they cultivated plants and domesticated animals. This allowed people to be more settled and begin to form communities. The next social change occurred with the Celts. They lived in villages run by chieftains. When the Romans invaded, they established towns, and people were drawn to these centers of life. Society was becoming more organized. The Anglo-Saxons affected the…show more content…
There were many manor changes as well. Labor services were changed to money rent, land was not held by service tenor, but rather by rent/title deed, and lords leased their land instead of cultivating it directly. A class of wealthy peasants, known as the franklin class, also arose. Feudal society had transformed to a society based on money. The Black Death also affected English society. A third of the population died, which caused wages to rise, agricultural prices to fall, and a shortage of the labor force. All of these factors influenced the changed from direct farming to leasing. Servile obligations were slowly abandoned as the peasantry sought freedom. The Peasant’s Revolt of 1381 was also a dramatic shift in thinking. The peasants sought freedom and equality, but gained nothing by their revolt but create fear. However, it still affected the thought process of peasants of that time. English nationality also emerged during this time, as the culture and art of England was promoted rather than the French. This created a strong patriotism for

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