Essay On Sleep Deprivation

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Methods As neurologists Ahmed O Tantawy, Hamdy N El Tallawy, Hussein RS Farghaly, Wafaa M Farghaly, and Amr S Hussien wondered what the relationship between sleep deprivation and memories of facts and knowledge is and how the different brain regions would react after being deprived from sleep. They write about their experiment in Impact of Nocturnal Sleep Deprivation on Declarative Memory Retrieval in Students at an Orphanage: A Psychoneuroradiological Study. For this experiment they tested on a group of males from the range of 16 years old to 19 years old all having average intelligence quotient. They divided the boys into four group of ten each having a different set time to sleep. The first group was to sleep a normal sleep amount of eight hours. The second group was to not sleep at all. The next group only slept during the second half of the night lacking the slow wave sleep that occurs during the first half of the night. The last group was only to sleep the first half of the night stopping the random eye movement sleep that occurs during the second half of the night. A list of 3...

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