Essay On Skateboarding

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Skateboarding has been around for many years. It is a hobby and activity that many have enjoyed at some point; however, they may not have known where or how it came about. The typical skateboard that many use today is also significantly different than those that were used when skateboarding first came into existence. The tricks and stunts that are done today have also changed over the years; furthermore, in this paper, I intended to discuss the evolution of skateboarding throughout the years and how it was brought up. It seems that skateboarding had been brought up as early as the 1950’s by surfers. No one actually knows who first invented the first skateboard; however, it was a way for surfers to surf when there were no waves (Skateboarding…show more content…
Skateboarding started to show up in commercials ranging from everything like soft drinks and phone companies (Starr, Scott, and Sky). People who saw this were influenced by the skaters in terms of fashion. People idolized skaters just like fans did with any other sport and this still carries on to this day forward. The first X-Games brought money and attention to the sport making the sport popular once more, propelling it into mainstream (Cave). These games appealed to the spectators and brought more young kids into the sport and inspired them to grow with it. Since this X-Games skateboarding has gotten classified as an extreme sport and whereas many rebel against this classification they began to resent skateboarding ever becoming apart of the mainstream. Skateboarding culture begian to grow vastly since its introduction into the media. People see the sport now as something more than a passing fad and more than just a rebellious…show more content…
Companies such as Diamond Supply Co, Hurley, Vans, and RVCA are all skateboarding related brands that appeal to millions and even those who do not skate (Cave). Vans themselves created a line of Pro shoes just for them hardcore skateboarders and the rest of the shoes they make are for ones who do not skate because of how big their company has grown and appeals to a mass majority of people. The shoes today have changed in style as the shoe once used to be big and bulky. They have now created a lighter and minimal shoe for more board feel. A lot more technology goes into these shoes today as now the majority of shoes are a vulcanized shoe (Wisenthal). The pants had also changed from once big baggy to skinner designs and the shirts once were white now have color and
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