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In the year of 1986 Six Sigma began as a statistically-based method to reduced variation in electronics manufacturing process developed by Motorola. Nowadays Six Sigma is used by many sectors of industry as an all-compassing business performance all over the world. By using Six Sigma, causes of detects and errors in manufacturing and business process can be identified and then been removed. Six Sigma is a customer focus change strategy which is a business strategy that helps company to improve in terms of business performance. There is a methodology involved which allows company to systematically enhance processes. Businesses are in business for two reasons which are to satisfy the customer and to make money. Six Sigma basically implies a measure of quality that strives for close flawlessness. Six Sigma is restrained, information driven methodology and system for eliminating defects in any procedure from manufacturing to transactional and from products to service. Six Sigma emphasize that continuous effort to achieve stable and predictable process results of vital importance to business. Other than that, the characteristics that manufacturing and business process have can be measured, analysed, improved and controlled. Process improvement, process design or re-design and process management are the three basic elements of Six Sigma. Six Sigma helps an organisation to focuses on understanding and managing customer requirements, achieving those requirements by aligning key business, minimize variation in those processes by utilizing rigorous data analysis and driving rapid and sustainable improvement to business processes.
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...t affecting the components are determined, improvement must be done next. In the improvement process, all possible solutions must be identified and then implement them. Control is the last phase in this whole process. In order to get a maintain and sustained process, all the phases before must be control including the cycle time which is if not being control, the results will be unstable. The company will be successful by implementing Six Sigma because of all the methodology of the Six Sigma. All the critical factors can be found and then controlled and also can be improved. In Six Sigma all the maintenance program was modified in order to achieve the goal of the company and meet the requirements of the customer. By implementing Six Sigma in the company, failure can be reduced and the quality of the organisation can be improved.


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