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Introduction As education institutes, high schools and colleges have many similarities, as well as many differences. College and high school differ and are similar in teacher-student relationships, grades, and teaching methods. As a former high school student and a current college student, I have firsthand experience on how these educations systems are similar and different alike. The Grading System To begin with the similarities, College and high schools have many things in common some things that include: Grading system, core classes, and academic routine. The grading system for the most part is the same. A test in high school is worth about sixty six percent of the overall grade, and daily work is only worth thirty three percent of the…show more content…
To begin with teacher-student relationships, teachers in high school have classrooms of about twenty to thirty students in each class. While college classrooms may contain up to three hundred students, making it impossible for a teacher to know every single student in that class. Furthermore, in high school the student may have a more personal relationship with the teacher rather than in college, because high school students see their teachers five days a week as compared to college where it might only be twice a week. Also teachers in college don’t care whether the student pass or fail the class. Whether the student pass the class or not is the sole responsibility of the student. While in high school teachers are constantly on the student’s case about missing assignments and grades. Teachers in high school for the most part will help the student to the best of their ability to pass the course. The student will not see this type of teacher student relationship in college. In most cases teachers in college will not give a student to turn in an assignment late. Unlike high school where at times a student is allowed to turn in an assignment that is several weeks

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