Essay On Sibling Rivalry

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According to Adler, the second - born children should always taken care of, could not make their own decisions and little perky than the older children. For the second children, there is always one opponent to battle since the birth. Thus, they are more competitive ones (Adler, 1870/1937). On the other hand, the first – born children are the examples ones and their ability to handle with aggression is better than the younger children. Moreover, theory claimed that they always behave more accurately, more directives, goal oriented and have more rights to speak. Furthermore, they are more perfectionists. Thus, Adler argued that being first or second children have had some features that come automatically by the birth order (Adler, 1870/1937).…show more content…
He mentioned the causes of sibling rivalry as the birth order, parental behaviors and the personality of the children. Kyla Boyse stated that each child tries to prove that they are unique individuals and should not be compared with their siblings (Boyse, 2011). First-born child feels an extreme threat of sharing attention, love and care of their parents with the newborn sibling (Boyse, 2011). According to the psychoanalytic view, Freud -founder of psychoanalysis- believes that sibling rivalry is relevant to Oedipal complex (Freud, 1912). Oedipal complex is the feeling of a sexual desire of children to their opposite sex parents in their phallic stage of age 3 to 6. During this stage of psychosexual development, the child starts to discover his/her body and he/she becomes curious about the gender. Moreover, the child starts to desire to learn the differences between being a male and a female. Thus, the motivation of learning these physical differences between sexes build the basis of the Oedipal complex (Freud, 1912). According to Freud’s theory of Oedipal complex, girls impressed from their fathers and boys impressed from their mothers at phallic stage. As stated by Freud, in both sibling rivalry and Oedipal complex, children compete in order to draw the attention of their parents. In Oedipal complex, while girls struggle with their mothers to draw their father’s attention, boys struggle with their fathers for their mothers’ attention. From the same point of view, siblings compete with each other in order to draw their parents’ attentions (Skrzypek, Maciejewska & Dmitriew, 2014). Thus, the common point between these two concepts is to arouse interests of their parents. However, the major difference between Oedipal complex and sibling rivalry is generational gap. While in Oedipal complex there is a generational difference between girl – mother and the boy – father struggle, in sibling rivalry there is no
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